Security, Fire and CCTV

Staff members want to feel as comfortable and confident in the work place as possible, and great security protocol leaves them in the knowledge that they are safe in their work place.

Door Access

Door Access installation only grants access to permitted individuals who have a code or card to pass through an electromechanical lock. Restrictions can be programmed into a system to restrict certain people based upon time of day and day of week. This then forms a system to control access to your building. Most of us do not consider the full implications an unwanted intruder can have until it is too late.


CCTV has come a long way from the grainy, black and white pictures that people often expect. Rapid development in camera technology over the past decade has resulted in sharper pictures, clearer colours, and digital video. At Charlestown we are certified to install and maintain CCTV systems and have vast experience in creating bespoke systems for a variety of industries. CCTV is possibly the most effective means of deterring crime and can also reassure staff members that you care about their personal safety also.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is a necessity. The fire sensors that we install have a high sensitivity system which are ideal for critical situations, where traditional sensors may be inadequate. We use equipment from leading manufacturers, ensuring the most suitable installation for each type of business and usage. We can also install emergency lighting which will help you and others to find their way safely to an exit in case of an emergency.

Our expert team are on hand throughout to design and develop a security system to suit your sector and building. Every business requires industry specific security measures and at Charesltown we take a proactive approach to ensure maximum safety and security within your workplace.

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