Festival Lights Services

1 – Bolt Testing/Installation

Bolt testing (eyebolt testing) is the first service that Charlestown Ltd offers as part of the complete package. It is fundamental to any light installation to know that the anchor points used are correct and suitable for the installation. Also it is essential in this day and age to have carried out (and documented) testing of the anchor points.


Charlestown has a Hydrajaws “bolt tester” and this is used to carryout the anchor point testing. As can be seen from the photos below the eyebolt is checked for integrity (the testing is carried out the customer’s specification 5kn to 10kn is the normal range), and is then tagged to confirm testing. A full inventory is then submitted to confirm anchor point suitability


An installation of a failed bolt or new bolt is carried out using the same procedure. Charlestown Ltd uses “resin anchor points” please refer to the Hiliti Web site for the technical information regarding size, suitability and installation procedures.

2 – Catenary Installation

Charlestown Ltd has many years experience in assembling and removing catenary installations. All catenary’s are checked before installation, the standard procedure is to have the catenary’s labelled and identified so they can be installed in the same location each time.

The catenaries are an integral part of the feature installations and are installed using wire, shackles and u-bolts to the correct SWL (Safe Working Load) for the features installed.

3 – Feature Installation

Charlestown Ltd works to produce stunning and eye-catching installations. When a project is in the design stage Charlestown Ltd is able to provide detailed installation assessment to enable the type of feature, fixings, installation method, safety both in installation and positioning to enable a project to be successful.

Assessment of the electrical supplies and requirements will also be considered at this stage.

A major consideration is installation scheduling and Charlestown Ltd utilizes Microsoft Project to enable multiple schemes to be installed at the same time. Charlestown Ltd works closely with the client to schedule installations to minimize disruption. This can mean project will be installed during normal working hours, evenings, nights or weekends.

4 – Tree Decoration

Charlestown Ltd also carries out the installation of decorative tree lights. Installations can range from single Tree’s (up to 20m) to multiple trees creating a stunning appearance. Trees can be decorated in a traditional or more contemporary style dependent on the client’s requirements.

Assessment of the electrical loading and installation method will be considered as part of the initial assessment.

5 – Availability

Charlestown Ltd will assess as part of the initial project phase the most effective access arrangements. With Technical Height Services experience this could range from Hydraulic platforms, scaffolding, rope access or ladders. Charlestown Ltd uses several hydraulic platform and vehicle hire companies.

This flexibility allows Charlestown to use the most effective access method for each individual project.

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