We have established a client base within the utilities industry that we are exceptionally proud of. Our repeat business within this sector, thrives due to our focus on creating smarter and more economical services for the utilities industry.

We support the energy and utilities sector; with our help they are able to improve their operational effectiveness. Our innovative use of new technology and a team of highly trained engineers, ensure that we deliver a complete and comprehensive electrical solutions bespoke to every business. Utilising the technical knowledge and management skills of those within our organisation we have created the ultimate one stop shop for all your electrical, telecommunications and data network requirements that makes businesses in this industry thrive.

Our continued success is driven by continued customer satisfaction.

Local Authorities

We have many close, long standing relationships with local authorities, supporting them in the challenges they face by delivering a variety of services. Local authorities require a wide range of services, some of which have to be outsourced due to the complex nature of a project.

Our approach provides local authorities with the flexibility and high quality service that they require. We understand the complexities which arise within local authorities, especially when more than one person is in charge of the decision making. Our local authority experts can provide industry specific advice across an array of services in order to help make the decision process easier.

Our approach and successful completion working for local authorities have led to continuous work across a range of different local authorities.


Within the education sector we have completed an array of projects in schools, academies, further education and higher education institutions. We understand that within education budgets can be tight and that you need to make sure you get great returns on their investment.

We create bespoke electrical and data solutions throughout school sites to meet all specific needs. We understand the importance of safety and security and comply with all industry specific requirements.

We have an in-depth knowledge and experiences of the challenges that are faced within the education sector.

Factories & Warehouses

We listen to the needs of every client and design and create services to meet and exceed all of their requirements. Testing and refining all elements of the process to ensure that every clients gets a service that will enhance their business turnover.

We make sure that we deliver quality machinery and tools, and provide a dedicated team of highly trained staff to every project. From installing industry leading electrical and data supplies to energy efficient LED lighting systems, we take care of every aspect of the project.

Charlestown work with clients to meet ever changing challenges within technology. In a constantly growing and technology driven industry, we are constantly growing our skills and capabilities to meet both client and industry demands.


We provide a broad range of electrical and data solutions that can help you maximise the turnover of your business. Our experience with installing and solving data solutions provide all of our clients with a professional service to provide minimal disruption to your office space. Our scale and experience means that we can offer you solutions to your individual needs.

We have developed a reputation for integrity and service that is second to none, through our commitment to client interest and our impressive record of getting the job done right first time.

Offices need to provide a space that can maximise the productivity of your team.

Retail & Leisure

We’ve worked in the retail & leisure sector long enough to understand the demand placed upon businesses. We ensure that ever project we deliver is efficient and effective, in order to allow businesses to serve the needs of the customers and continue to deliver exceptional customer service.

Our innovative use of new technology and a team of highly trained engineers, ensure that we deliver a complete and comprehensive electrical solutions bespoke to every business. We have established a client base within the retail & leisure industry that we are exceptionally proud of.

The retail landscape is constantly changing and developing which force unpredicted changes to be implemented. Retail & Leisure have a customer-centric approach, in which it is important to provide high quality service and infrastructure.

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